5404 Gurley Ave, Dallas, TX 75223
  • We exceed your expectations on
    Quality and Project deadlines.
  • We utilize both Tekla and SDS/2
    for the production of shop detail
    and erection drawings.
  • We provide stamped and seal
    connection design calculations
    with mapping plans.
  • Our structural engineers are
    registered in all 50 States of North America.
  • We are USA owned
    and operated company.


Business development and Project Management Team in Dallas, TX.

Joist & Deck

Business development and Project Management Team in Dallas, TX.

Primary focus

Structural & Miscellaneous steel detailing, Connection Design and Estimation.


Work force in Dallas, Texas; Delhi, India and Manila, Philippines

Organization Size

A Team of 80 experienced Project Managers, Detailers, Checkers, Connection design engineers and Estimators.


100 % year over year growth in revenue from 2008

AFF Structure

  • Structural Department
  • Joist & Deck Department
  • Engineering Department
  • Miscellaneous Department
  • Estimating Department
  • QA/QC
We provide high quality steel detailing services using leading edge automated 3D technology. We work on a spectrum of projects from standard to complex to one-of-a-kind structures in commercial, industrial, resource, transportation and recreation sectors as well as some residential work. We approach each project with the exacting precision and attention to detail necessary to meet customer expectations and comply with technical requirement as per the guidelines laid by AISC, NISD and OSHA.
Steel Joist Detailing:
We are a team of engineers, detailers, project managers and checkers and we provide high quality Steel Joist and Girders design and detailing service. The design of these members is governed by the Steel Joists Institute (SJI) standard specifications. We detail projects of all shapes and sizes. We offer comprehensive joist detailing services that can increase the prospects of our clients and that too with a great speed in this competitive market. Some of the offerings by us are as listed below.
  • Open Web Steel Joists K-Series
  • DLH-Series and LH-Series
  • Special Joist like Single pitched Joist, Double Pitched Joist, Bowstring Joist, Sizer Joist.
Steel Deck Detailing:
We provide Deck detailing services along with Joist Detailing. Our service’s includes metal and accessories. We also provide deck placement drawings along with proper connection details for the proper installation of the deck. We will stick to the standards and deliver flawless service by ensuring quality and accuracy. Our detailers have handled a wide range of projects in Deck and offer your projects on-time and every time with 100% customer satisfaction. Some of the services by us are as listed below
  • 1 ½”, 3” Roof Deck
  • 4 1⁄2”, 6” & 7.5” Deep Cellular Deck
  • 1 1⁄2”, 2” & 3” Composite Deck
  • 9/16” & 15/16” Form Deck
  • 2” & 3 1⁄2” Dovetail Deck
Our highly qualified engineers provide the calculation packages that are easily understood by the EOR and fabricators. AFF engineering also assists in the resolution of complex field questions which often include calculations. Our engineering department also provide set-up drawings that will guide the fabricator through typical job specific connections that are job specific so that they can review them for modifications that will best fit their shop standards and equipment.
We at AFF are equipped with a team of experience miscellaneous detailers using the latest 3D technology. Our team is familiar with the codes and industry standards of miscellaneous steel detailing adhering to the guidelines of AISC, NISD, IBC and OSHA.

Our Miscellaneous services include:
  • Staircase (Z-pan or Grating)
  • Curved Staircase
  • Door frame
  • Windows frame
  • Guardrails, Wall rails, ramp rails, floor / platform rails etc.
  • Ladders (Cage ladder, ship ladder etc.)
  • Dock levelling frame
  • Trash enclosure, rolling gates etc.
  • RTU frames
  • Lintels
  • Sump pit frame
We at AFF do estimating projects for our clients. AFF will take the design drawings and model the structural steel and provide the take-off of the material from the 3D-model. If miscellaneous is required, AFF can model this as well and break this out separately. We utilize and can export various file types for use in Fabsuite, Fabtrol, or many other softwares that take KSS, XSR, or other file formats from our modeling programs. Along with this, a 3D PDF file can be provided for our customer's use in bidding the job to show the model to their prospective customer.
Once the project is awarded to us QA/QC team start working simultaneously with the detailing team to ensure that the project specific instruction received from the client are being properly followed viz. client standards, paint specification, joist coordination, type of bolts. AISC edition and designing method (ASD / LRFD) to be followed, Job specifications, Osha requirements etc. In the era of the 3D detailing we still continue to practice the paper checking for the projects to give the unmatched quality to our customers. After final checking is done the QA/QC team make sure the drawings are in accordance to the fabricator standards, no dimension missing, all piece marks are shown on the erection drawings, no field weld is missing, check erectabilty issue, frames are within the permissible size for transportation, the galvanize member/frames can easily dip in the galvanize tank and the proper vent hole, drain hole and weep hole are provided. The department ensures that no AFF detailing procedure has been missed out.

Why Choose Us

Project Planning

  • Kick-off meeting
  • Send Initial question
  • Pre-detailing Checklist
  • Model Inspection


  • Send Project updates weekly.
  • We are a phone call away to discuss any project related query.
  • Respond to emails on same day


  • Unmatched turnaround times.
  • Quick Implementation of changes in the Approval Process


  • We follow client standards specific to the project
  • Detailers are well versed with AISC, OSHA and AWS standards

To Whom It May Concern

  • I have had the pleasure of working with Deepender Sharma for several years beginning 2008. During this period I have seen him develop a strong team of detailers working in New Delhi, India. This team has grown out of the deep commitment demonstrated through the leadership of Deepender to provide quality and depenedability, meeting the expectations of the fabricator on every project he takes on.

    Deepender is dedicated to a philosophy of performance through advancement of skills and experience for himself and the team. This is demonstrated in the emphasis placed on a tight QA/QC processs in his operation and continuous training for staff members. Regards, Jim Law
    Project Manager
  • Deepender and his team has done a number of jobs for me, mostly stairs and railings. I find his work to be very accurate, on time and very neatly presented. He’s always on top of the project and a good team member. Michael F. Pelliccio
    NISD Membership Committee

AFF Values


We behave ethically and are respectful, open and honest.


Commitment to excellence with no compromise.


Assist in our client’s success by providing exceptional service and personal relationship.


We provide best Detailing, Connection Design and Estimation services to meet our client needs.


We develop better design and detailing solutions through continuous learning.

Live Updates

11 OCT

#NASCC18, Another Successful Event, Bigger and Better. Our team had a great time interacting with people who visited our booth. Special thanks to #AISC for organizing such an event and to all of you for making #NASCC18 a success. See you all next year in St. Louis.

02 DEC

We offer comprehensive joist detailing services that can increase the prospects of our clients and that too with a great speed in this competitive market.Our detailers have handled a wide range of projects in Deck and offer your projects on-time and every time with 100% customer satisfaction.